The UOAA & other health organizations periodically send out "advocacy announcements." We will periodically post or link to such announcements to inform our INW ostomate community.

UOAA Advocacy Agenda

United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. (UOAA) is the leading organization proactively advocating for people living with an ostomy or continent diversion. Our Advocacy Agenda is grounded in the core values that form UOAA’s vision:

A society where people with ostomies or continent diversions are universally accepted and supported socially, economically, medically, and psychologically.

To this end, UOAA strives to:

  • Ensure public and private health insurance options, provide affordable coverage and access to high quality healthcare services, technology, and products to meet the needs of people living with an ostomy or continent diversion

  • Protect the rights of people with an ostomy or continent diversion and eliminate discrimination to ensure they are accepted as normal, healthy individuals

  • Dispel the fear about undergoing this life-saving and life-restoring surgery and erase the myths, stigma and embarrassment that are sometimes associated with having an ostomy ... [+] more

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